My Baby Boomer Baby Book


In my other blog (, we cover lots of gift ideas. So, naturally or should I say, instinctively, when I came across this book, I had to mention it here. I have a few friends with milestone birthdays coming up and I think that the My Baby Boomer Baby Book would be a great novelty gift to help bring light to the otherwise potentially somber prospect of aging. Well, not of aging itself, but the physical side effects of such.

First published in 1995, the My Baby Boomer Baby Book is a parody on the traditional baby book and a great way to record a whole new set of “firsts”: “My first colonoscopy, my first reading glasses. A book of vital statistics, including married name(s), circumference of abdomen, cholesterol count (HDL and LDL), and home state (Red or Blue). It’s a place to keep track of primary care givers—herbalist, psychopharmacologist. Record favorite expressions—I’m having a senior moment. Dressing on the side, please. 60 is the new 50. Keep track of “What I’ve Grown,” from liver spots to knee flaps. There’s also a place for a lock of hair (if you can spare it) along with the Seven Stages of Hair Loss (men: from minoxidil to shaves head; women: from plucks grey hairs to dyes it champagne blond). Plus essays—“Am I Smiling or Is It Gas,” and “I Go to School,” a parody of Adult Ed classes.

Buy on Amazon, or at your favorite local book store, bien sûr.

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