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I attended the Los Angeles Women’s Expo last year and met Carol April, the creator of ndy (Not Done Yet) t-shirt and accessories collection, whom embraces how most Baby Boomers feel and is not afraid to state it. In fact, she does state it on everything from t-shirts, tank tops, hats, mugs and water bottles.

I am proud about turning 50 and proudly wear my ndy t-shirt that states ‘generation age-less.’ And are we not just that? As Carol says, “We are the generation that brought Rock ‘n Roll, Earth Day and put the man on the moon, but we are Not Done Yet – in fact, we’re just getting started!” I love and embrace the attitude.

WE are the generation that, at this midlife age, has never looked or felt better. We have dreams and goals that challenge us and we plan on accomplishing them. Plus, this truly is the time in our life when we want to have fun. So, why not wear your new mantra on a t-shirt that says – among some of the clever choices – ‘Not Done Yet’, ‘live-agelessly’ or ‘Not Dead Yet’.

Carol believes in giving back, so for every item sold, a portion of the sales proceeds goes to support Cancer and Alzheimer’s research (because the reality is we are aging, gracefully I might add, but still aging and we personally are invested in finding cures for both of these illnesses).

So, go ahead, make a statement and let everyone know that you are Not Done Yet! To purchase your t-shirt go to the ndy online store.



Audrey van Petegem is the Senior Editor at Although she jokingly calls herself the REAL Real Housewife of Orange County, she sees herself as an influencer and is passionate about what she does. With a degree in Social Work, Audrey has reinvented herself with three very distinct career paths. First, as a social worker working with abused children, then as General Manager of a leading chain of yoga studios before she joined forces with The Succulent Wife where she brings us her contagious enthusiasm, zen-like communication skills and an uncanny ability to juggle all the going-ons.

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