The BOOMbox Network is in the business of connecting advertisers and brands to Baby Boomer influencers and bloggers for monetization and exposure opportunities. The brands may be looking for someone to blog or tweet about them, they may need reviews of their product, they may want some real-life examples of how their services have impacted someone’s life. Whatever they need… And, they need Baby Boomer influencers to help them achieve their social media marketing campaigns and they come to BOOMbox to find you.

Are YOU a Baby Boomer influencer?
Let’s see… You are a Baby Boomer if you were born between 1946 and 1964. You’re an influencer if your peers, friends, family and followers first turn to you for advice and act on it. You’re an online influencer if you spread that influence over your social media channels, as a blogger, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and otherwise…

You ARE a Baby Boomer influencer?
Then, you will be interested to know that we work with Baby Boomer influencers in all their various lifestyles and interests. Through social media marketing campaigns, we connect our Baby Boomer influencers with best-of-breed consumer brands to assist them in conveying their brand message in authentic voices… yours. In the process, there are monetization opportunities and, by association, the opportunity to increase your blog or business’ exposure. It’s little like getting paid for doing something you already enjoy doing!

As a Baby Boomer, there is no need to tell you about the type of consumer power you yield! Baby Boomers are the single largest consumer group, responsible – among other things – for purchasing over 60% of all consumer-packaged goods and influencing over 80% of ALL purchases. That’s $2.5 trillion talking. As boomers, we’re used to moving their weight around and we like to be heard. BOOMbox is here to amplify your voices.

With these brand relationships, we bring relevant incentive opportunities directly to qualified influencers in our network.

Why join BOOMbox Network?

  • Connect with top consumer brands and be paid to share their brand message on your social media channels
  • Receive monetization, incentive and advertising opportunities through brand-sponsored projects: posts, promotions, ambassadorship, consulting, contests, events, other perks
  • Be the first to know and to try new products, services and brands
  • Contribute to market research & insights on Baby Boomer subjects and interests
  • Increase the exposure and growth of your own brand, traffic & engagement
  • BOOMbox community pages coming soon! This is where you can contribute, network and seek information through our Boomer community

Interested in joined our community of Baby Boomer Influencers?

See if you qualify. If so, we would love for you to JOIN THE BOOMbox NETWORK.

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